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Antipyretic drug, also called acetaminophen
Played Tyler Durden in 'Fight Club', 1999
Pacific nation, capital Manila
Second largest asteroid in our solar system's asteroid belt
Guinea ___, domestic animal, Cavia porcellus
Marie Curie's birth country
Range of hills separating North West England from Yorkshire
The study of mental functions and behaviours
Author of 'Dr Zhivago'
___ Rain, 1984 album by Prince
Thin paper material used in Ancient Egypt, made from type of sedge
Pittsburgh ___, American baseball team
Subatomical particle with charge of +1
Olympic sport with five events: fencing, swimming, showjumping, shooting and running
Singer of 'Hot n Cold' and 'Dark Horse', born 1984
Neurological disease characterised by tremors and progressive dementia
Third Doctor Who, 1970-1974
Female lead from Nintendo's 'Mario' series
Killed by Hamlet through the Arras
Main language of Brazil
Charles Dickens' first novel
Nickname of Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Brazilian football player
President of the USA, 1845-1849
Another name for Farsi, a language of Iran
Capital of Mauritius
Australian monotreme with duck-like bill
Dwarf planet, orbits the Sun every 248 years
Beethoven's 6th symphony, completed 1808
Combat sport involving shooting water-soluble dye pellets
Twilled woollen cloth, with tartan or chequered pattern
Name of St Petersburg, 1914-1924
Website used for arts and crafts ideas, founded by Silbermann, Sciarra and Sharp
1993 film, Tom Hanks won first Best Actor Oscar
Tsar of Russia 1682-1725
Ancient Greek god of the sea
Organ which manufactures insulin
Edgar Allen ___, American author 1809-1849
Spanish artist, painter of 'Guernica' 1937
Non-metallic element, atomic number 15
Edible root vegetable, Solanum tuberosum
Spanish king, launched Armada 1588
Russian President 2000-2008, 2012-
Malleable metal alloy, primarily composed of tin
Cambodian dictator, 1975-1979
Latin for 'I please', a drug with no pharmacological effects
French singer of 'Je ne regrette rien', 1915-1963
Temple in Rome, rebuilt AD126
Musical and film based on novel by Gaston Leroux, with song 'I Remember'
German inventor of quantum theory, Nobel prize for Physics 1918
George Bernard Shaw play, first performed 1913

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