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Can you complete the Voltron-themed word ladder?

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HintFour-Letter Word
*The shape of something*
Agricultural location
To hurt
To listen to
Baseball great Aaron
-Yellow's pilot-
A dimwitted person
Shape of the moon
City in India
Thick cornbread
Santa lives on the Northern one
*Small mouse-like animal*
Electrical unit
-Last name of Katie, Sam, and Matt-
Owl's noise
Chimney residue
In a minute
HintFour-Letter Word
Wheel of Fortune and Miss Universe host Bob
Men in black
A portent
Prayer closing
City in Yemen
Biblical paradise
Not odd
-Blue's original pilot from the 80's-
Actor Connery
Like Jack Sprat's meals
Juan Ponce de _____
-One-fifth of Voltron-
Minnesota waterbird
Like Roger Rabbit
*1982/2010 scifi film featuring a video game world*

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