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Can you name the Entheogens (chemical substances used in religious rituals) by descriptions of their usage?

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UsageEntheogenActive Substance(s)
Psychedelic root-bark consumed in several rituals of the Bwiti religion of West-Central Africa.
Red and white mushroom consumed in the religious traditions of various Siberian and Scandinavian groups.
Mildly sedative water-plant important in Ancient Egyptian religion and possibly referenced in Homer's Odyssey.
Psychedelic cactus native to Mexico and consumed in a variety of American religious traditions. The main sacrament of the syncretic Native American Church.
Entheogenic drink produced from the roots of a plant common in Pacific Ocean cultures.
Flowering plant from Arabia and the Horn of Africa. Chewed to produce a stimulant effect and facilitate lengthy prayer; also historically used in Sufi Islam and Ancient Egypt.
Amazonian entheogenic brew most commonly produced from the mixture of two different plants. Used in healing and divination, has a variety of psychoactive effects.
UsageEntheogenActive Substance(s)
Flowering herb native to South Africa, used by Xhosa religious practitioners to produce lucid dreaming.
Flowering plant with narcotic derivatives, sometimes reported to have been used as an entheogen by ancient Germanic peoples.
Seeds most commonly roasted to produce entheogenic smoke. Used mostly in Iran and the Middle East by Zoroastrians, Muslims, Christians, and Jews.
Common plant used most frequently as a recreational drug, but also entheogenically, especially by Rastafarians.
Psychedelic fungi used in the syncretic religion of the Mazatec people of Southern Mexico.
Synthetic hallucinogen created in 1974 and now an entheogen commonly used by traditional healers of a variety of groups in Southern Africa.
Stimulant important in various Andean religions for centuries.

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