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Can you name the WWII Fighter Aircraft?

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Forced Order
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The anti-V2 missile jetBritain
The famous early jet-fighterGermany
The short-ranged Axis rocket powered interceptorGermany
Heavily armed night fighterAmerica
Flown by the 'Flying Tigers'America
First American fighter plane to top 400 MPHAmerica
A heavy twin-engined fighterGermany
Durable America 'Jug'America
Similar to the Spitfire, this fighter fought in the battle of BritianBritian
A famous series of Russian fightersSoviet Union
Mikoyan made this series of fightersSoviet Union
The famous Messerschmitt fighterGermany
This Navy fighter was delivered at the end of the warAmerica
Famous, manuverable fighterBritian
Germany's most advanced piston-engined fighterGermany
Advanced high performance bomber escort planeAmerica
An obsolete biplane fighterBritian
The Navy fighter similar to the HellcatAmerica
An advanced carrier/land-based fighterJapan
Code named 'Zeke' by the AlliesJapan
Rugged Navy fighter made by GrummanAmerica
High-performance Marine fighterAmerica

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