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Can you name the only movie that has not been directed by the mentioned director?

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(A1) The Color Purple / (A2) Jurassic Park III / (A3) A.I. Artificial Intelligence / (A4) Catch Me If You CanSteven Spielberg
(B1) Thelma & Louise / (B2) Blade Runner / (B3) American Gangster / (B4) Lord of WarRidley Scott
(C1) Barry Lyndon / (C2) Full Metal Jacket / (C3) Spartacus / (C4) The Elephant ManStanley Kubrick
(D1) Rango / (D2) Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events / (D3) The Ring / (D4) Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's EndGore Verbinski
(E1) Dead Poets Society / (E2) Good Will Hunting / (E3) Milk / (E4) My Own Private IdahoGus Van Sant
(F1) Who Framed Roger Rabbit / (F2) Back to the Future Part III / (F3) Jumanji / (F4) Cast AwayRobert Zemeckis
(G1) The Aviator / (G2) Dog Day Afternoon / (G3) Raging Bull / (G4) The Color of MoneyMartin Scorsese
(H1) Natural Born Killers / (H2) The Doors / (H3) Good Morning Vietnam / (H4) Wall StreetOliver Stone
(I1) Hostel / (I2) Sin City / (I3) Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over / (I4) From Dusk Till DawnRobert Rodriguez
(J1) Groundhog Day / (J2) Analyze This / (J3) Caddyshack / (J4) Meet the ParentsHarold Ramis
(K1) Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me / (K2) Dogville / (K3) Dune / (K4) Blue VelvetDavid Lynch
(L1) Manhattan Murder Mystery / (L2) Something's Gotta Give / (L3) The Purple Rose of Cairo / (L4) Deconstructing HarryWoody Allen
(M1) The Perfect Storm / (M2) Godzilla (1998) / (M3) 2012 / (M4) Independence DayRoland Emmerich
(N1) The Social Network / (N2) Alien 3 / (N3) The Usual Suspects / (N4) Se7enDavid Fincher
(O1) Ali / (O2) Apollo 13 / (O3) The Da Vinci Code / (O4) A Beautiful MindRon Howard
(P1) Slumdog Millionaire / (P2) Trainspotting / (P3) 28 Days Later / (P4) The FountainDanny Boyle

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