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Can you name the famous albums, judging from these lesser known songs on them?

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SongsAlbumBand (or solo artist)
Wild Honey Pie, Don't Pass Me By (1968)
W.M.A., Leash (1993)
Amityville, Under the Influence (2000)
Don't Leave Me Now, Bring the Boys Back Home (1979)
Sulk, Bullet Proof...I Wish I Was (1995)
The Shortest Straw, Dyers Eve (1988)
Future Lovers, Isaac (2005)
Night Flight, Black Country Woman (1975)
Twentieth Century Fox, End of the Night (1967)
Second Hand News, Oh Daddy (1977)
Wild Packs of Family Dogs, Perfect Disguise (2000)
5-Piece Chicken Dinner, Shadrach (1989)
Naked in the Rain, The Greeting Song (1991)
Long Hot Summer Night, Rainy Day Dream Away (1968)
Seen and Not Seen, Listening Wind (1980)
Cemeteries of London, 42 (2008)
Piggy, Reptile (1994)
Workin' For MCA, The Needle And The Spoon (1974)
Crescendolls, Veridis Quo (2001)
Limo Wreck, Fresh Tendrils (1994)
SongsAlbumBand (or solo artist)
This Song Has No Title, Roy Rogers (1973)
Incident at 66.6 FM, Leave This Off Your F***in Charts (1990)
Baby Be Mine, The Lady in My Life (1982)
Why Bother?, Butterfly (1996)
Deer Dance, Shimmy (2001)
Extraordinary Girl, Letterbomb (2005)
22 Acacia Avenue, Gangland (1982)
High 5 (Rock the Catskills), Minus (1996)
Seaside Rendezvous, Good Company (1975)
Run Run Run, There She Goes Again (1967)
God Smack, Iron Gland/Dream Sequence (1992)
Providence, Kissability (1988)
No Feelings, E.M.I. (1977)
Out ta Get Me, Anything Goes (1987)
Quiet, Spaceboy (1993)
Tomb of the Boom, Dracula's Wedding (2003)
You've Got Her in Your Pocket, The Air Near My Fingers (2003)
The Climb, World Go 'Round (1995)
The Deepest Blues Are Black, Virginia Moon (2005)
Planet Caravan, Rat Salad (1970)

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