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Can you name the Jim Carrey movies which fit the good and bad critic given for each?

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Good CriticMovieBad Critic
Carrey's attempted self-immolation in a men's room, which weirdly recalls certain Fred Astaire routines, may be a small classic. [Chicago Reader]It's simultaneously all touchy-feely in its celebration of paternal love, while painting women as frumps, sex bombs, martyrs and ugly cows who say stupid things like 'Real beauty comes from the inside.' [TV Guide]
(Movie) is a sound-and-light show that jumps from the screen and spreads itself out to every corner of the house. [San Francisco Chronicle]The only thing Schumacher and his scrupulous craftsfolk forgot to give the movie was life -- the energizing spirit of wit and passion that makes scenes work and characters breathe. [Time]
(Movie) starts out wobbly but ends up quite nicely, primarily because Carrey has a wonderful acting partner in Zooey Deschanel. [Chicago Tribune](Movie) is proof that reverse psychology works; No, it's not worth seeing because, no, it's not that funny. [Cut Print Review]
A thoughtful, audacious meditation on love and relationships that finds a group of wildly disparate talents clicking together in perfect unison. [Miami Herald]Wants to be a bittersweet comedy about erotic loss and memory loss. But it doesn't have the heart or brain. [Baltimore Sun]
When Carrey is doing his thing, histrionically whipping up one miracle after another and relishing the power, he has you spring-cleaning your lungs with laughter. [NY Daily News]Even the most narcissistic jerk, like the one played by Jim Carrey, would be expected to dream up untold pleasures for himself, acting as a self-serving genie with infinite wishes. [A.V. Club]
The result is a movie character who seems half real, half animated. [Chicago Sun-Times]A rattletrap Jekyll-and-Hyde farce that surrounds Carrey with a nothing plot and a cast of ciphers. [Entertainment Weekly]
Less a biography than an essay on theatrical illusion and the changing nature of comedy. Love it or hate it, you've never seen anything quite like it. [Christian Science Monitor]Too conventional to capture Kaufman's insanity and too haphazard, too shapeless, to recapture Kaufman's energy in any meaningful way. []
Good CriticMovieBad Critic
Treat this project as you would a safari: It has its slow parts but the wildlife makes it worthwhile. [Washington Post]Carrey suggests an escaped mental patient impersonating a game-show host-and, what's worse, his hyperbolically obnoxious shtick is the whole damned show. [Entertainment Weekly]
Makes good use of Carrey's glib but distant quality, that friendly but unknowable essence that hints at something tortured and out of control behind the smile. [SF Chronicle]An accidental comedy starring a deadly serious Jim Carrey. [New York Times]
Carrey is excellent, making the most of his comic gifts even in a cumbersome outfit, and the eye-spinning color scheme is dazzling to behold. [Christian Science Monitor]So clogged with kooky gadgetry and special effects and glitter and goo that watching it feels like being gridlocked at Toys 'R' Us during the Christmas rush. [New York Times]
It's good and raunchy and somehow even healthful. It says it's normal to have warring impulses—that our internal divisions make us human. [Slate]At some point the foul language, lascivious sight gags, references to sex toys, violence against animals and cruelty toward children simply ceases to be funny. [Baltimore Sun]
Anyone can get a kick out of watching penguins slide down the interior of the Guggenheim Museum, or seeing how one of these birds manages to buck nature. [St. Petersburg Times](Movie) reins in its rubber-faced star, leaving most of the rote physical comedy (and overabundance of fart jokes) to his nonhuman counterparts. [The A.V. Club]
A movie that fully lives up to its name, right down to an opening credit sequence rife with intentional misspellings and grammatical errors. [New York Times]An uneven collection of bodily function jokes, facial gyrations, sexual jibes and pedestrian slapstick. [Washington Post]
Think 'Catch Me If You Can' mashed up with 'Brokeback Mountain' if Mel Brooks directed and you'll get the idea. [St. Petersburg Times](Movie) not only blasts gay stereotypes back decades, it could actually make people wish for a third 'Ace Ventura' movie. [NY Daily News]

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