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(Song) Single from Ozzy Osbourne's 1991 album 'No More Tears' that's surprisingly not addressed to his mother 
(Movie) Macaulay Culkin misses his plane and messes with the Wet Bandits in this 1990 film 
(Video Game) A series of computer horror games created in the 90's and made into a movie in 2005 
(Album) Pink Floyd shares their views on life, death, war, time and money 
(Movie) Got Cher a Best actress Oscar in 1988, also stars Nicolas Cage 
(Song) Song from the band Yes that reached number 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in 1983 
(Song) Neil Young's only number 1 hit single ever, in which he's 'getting old' 
(Video Game) 2001 Gameboy Advance RPG with a sequel called 'The Lost Age',a DS sequel has just been announced 
(Song) 1968 blues rock/psychedelic tune by Cream, from their album Disraeli Gears 
(Movie) Romantic comedy from 2003, starring several stars - Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Keira Knightley, etc. 
(Album) 5th album by The Clash, from which came singles Know Your Rights and Rock the Casbah 
(Video Game) Guitar Hero's number 1 competitor; Green Day are getting their own version this summer 
(Song and Album) Third album by Paul McCartney & The Wings, on which the title track is arguably the band's most well known 
(Movie) German movie that shows in 3 different ways how a girl tries to find a huge sum of money to save her boyfriend 
(Album) Self-titled debut album from one of the most influential hip-hop groups, released in 1984 
(Song and Movie) The 8th James Bond movie, for which McCartney & The Wings composed the theme song of the same name 
(Movie) The 20th James Bond movie, and last one to feature Pierce Brosnan; It co-starred Halle Berry 
(Movie) The third of George Romero's zombie movie series; After Night and Dawn comes... 
(Video Game) Fighting game series in which fighters are often very attractive women; it got a volleyball spin-off 
(Video Game) Playstation and PS2 series of games in which a young boy has to catch monkeys on the loose 
(Movie) Cult 1981 science-fiction/action film directed by John Carpenter in which Kurt Russell has to find the President in post-apocalyptic Manhattan 
(Movie) Romantic film from 2009 which is composed of 11 short films all taking place in the same city 
(Song) Huge hit song from 2005 co-written and sung by James Blunt 
(Song) A hopeful tune released in 2000 by U2, which is considered one of their biggest hits  
(Song) A Green Day song, the third single from their album Dookie; the music video simply features the band playing the song on stage 
(Song) Hit song from Guns N' Roses' debut album in which the grass is green and the girls are pretty 
(Movie) Called Cidade de Deus in its original language, this Brazilian film follows the lives of several children and teens living a hard life in favelas 
(Video Game) Series of games in which a mortal warrior named Kratos seeks revenge on the gods 
(Movie) Spielberg movie from 2005 based on a science-fiction novel by H. G. Wells; in it, Tom Cruise must protect his children from an alien invasion 

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