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Can you name the bands/artists when given a song from them that starts with A, B & C??

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Forced Order
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Ava Adore / Bullet With Butterfly Wings / Cherub Rock
Artists Only / Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) / Cities
A Wolf at the Door / Bloom / Climbing Up the Walls
Another Part of Me / Beat It / Can't Let Her Get Away
And Your Bird Can Sing / Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! / Carry That Weight
Apocalypse Please / Butterflies and Hurricanes / Citizen Erased
Asylum / Bloody Well Right / Child of Vision
Alabama Song / Break on Through (To the Other Side) / Cars Hiss by My Window
A Certain Romance / Brianstorm / Crying Lightning
Adam Raised a Cain / Born to Run / Cautious Man
Amityville / Big Weenie / Cleanin' Out My Closet
Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast / Brain Damage / Coming Back to Life
All Around the World / Be Here Now / Cigarettes & Alcohol
Around the World / Breaking the Girl / Can't Stop
All Falls Down / Blame Game / Champion
Aren't You Glad / Bluebirds Over the Mountain / Caroline, No
Africa Unite / Buffalo Soldier / Could You Be Loved
An Open Letter to NYC / B-Boy Bouillabaisse / Car Thief
Ashes to Ashes / Boys Keep Swinging / Changes
Accelerate / Begin the Begin / Catapult
(Antichrist Television Blues) / Black Mirror / Crown of Love
All Apologies / Blew / Come As You Are
All the Young Girls Love Alice / Blues for My Baby and Me / Candle in the Wind
Allies / Barracuda / Crazy on You
Across the Sea / Buddy Holly / Can't Stop Partying
Absolutely Sweet Marie / Ballad of Hollis Brown / Country Pie
Aquemini / B.O.B. / Church
A.V.H. / Bark at the Moon / Crazy Train
Are You Experienced? / Burning of the Midnight Lamp / Castles Made of Sand
Achilles Last Stand / Babe I'm Gonna Leave You / Custard Pie

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