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The speed of an Electromagnetic waves
Electromagnetic wave with the largest wave length
Electromagntic wave with the smallest wave length
The Part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum we can see
Longest Wavelength (color) of Visible Light
Shortest Wavelength (color) of Visible Light
Electromagnetic Wave used to Kill Bacteria
Electromagnetic Waves used by doctors to see bones
Elctrromagnetic Wave Larger than a Radio Wave but smaller than a Infrared Wave
This type of wave requires a medium to travel through
Type of wave that does not require a medium to travel
A region in which charged particles can be pushed or pulled
Travels as vibrations in eletrical and magnetic fields
Radio Wave that bounces off the ionosphere so you can pick up stations from different cities
Radio Wave that travels in a straight line & through the ionosphere--lose reception when you travel out of range.
When frequency increases, energy... (increases or decreases)
A measurement of how many cycles of a wave can happen in a certain amount of timeā€¦ cycles per second
Unit of Frequency
The length of a waves in meters.
A measure of how big the wave is.

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