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Can you name the Officers of the American Revolution?

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Captured Montreal, killed at Quebec
Led victories at Stony Point and West Point
Head Engineer of the Continental Army
Commanded northern army that won at Saratoga
Known as the 'Swamp Fox' for his guerrilla fighting
Forced to surrender Fort Ticonderoga
Led southern army in latter part of the war; also Quartermaster General
Dragged cannon from Ticonderoga to Boston
Continental Army commander in chief
Defeated Hessian mercenaries at Bennington
Commander of rifle companies and victor at the Cowpens
Wrote the Continental Army Drill Manual
Replaced as head of northern army after loss of Ticonderoga
Relieved of command after Battle of Monmouth
Commanded light infantry in conjunction with riflemen; later Secretary of War
Made a major general at the age of 20
Shot in the same leg at Quebec and Saratoga
Led the Continental left wing at Saratoga
Southern Department commander who surrendered at Charleston
Captured Kaskaskia and Vincennes in the northwest
Aide-de-camp of Washington
Known as the 'Father of American Cavalry'

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