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Can you name the things beginning with R from books?

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Forced Order
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QuestionAnswerWork of Literature
The genre of Austen's most famous work
The country of Eomer and his beast slaying sister
The bird who 'quoth never more'
Rowlings' young trickster, adores anagrams
Scout's hidden neighbor
Who said, 'Frankly my dear Scarlett'?
Man who spent one whole chapter making a chair
The homeland of the author of Anna Karenina
QuestionAnswerWork of Literature
Little Man who spun straw to gold.
The husband of Shakespeare's 'star - crossed lovers'
Famous bowman thief
Tom Sawyer's crush
Beast in which Westly claims not to believe
Caspian's missing son and heir
Faced off an entire family of serpents to rescue his young master.

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