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Description of TheoryTheorist or TheoryType of Theory
Free association and the 'go around technique' - leader remains anonymous (members sharing insights)Group Theory
Members find own direction with minimal leader helpPerson Centered Groups
Move from the secret area and blind area into open areaGroup Theory
Stress inoculation and assertiveness trainingBehavioral Groups
Re-decision model - group is seen as representative of members' families (how the past influences the present) - choose to implement new decisions in new way - therapist's role is Transactional Analysis Groups
'Classroom Meetings' - the therapist is a positive role model of 'success-oriented behavior' - members develop a 'success identity'Reality Therapy Groups
Need hierarchy - self-actualization - innate capacities and talentesExistential Groups - focus on the I-Thou relationship, self-awareness, and self-transcendence
Family Constellations - recollections and lifestyles - asking members to behave 'as if'Group Theory
Description of TheoryTheorist or TheoryType of Theory
Gain understanding and catharsis - Techniques: presentation role of self and others - soliloquy - role reversal - mirroring - double technique - future projection - and auxiliary ePsychodrama (Stage, Director, Auxiliary egos, Audience)
Pioneered encounter groups and community residential workshops to promote world peacePerson Centered Groups
The 3 D's of Disputing Irrational Beliefs - detect, debate, and discriminate (rational and irrational thinking)Rational Emotive Groups
REBT Uses techniques of RET as a self-help strategy for role-playing, homework, and assertiveness training but includes behavioral theoriesRational Emotive Groups
Become aware of avoidance of responsibility and make transition from environmental to self-support - Leader Roles: intensify members' experiences to become aware of 'body messages'Gestalt Groups
Freedom and responsibility (authenticity)Existential Groups - focus on the I-Thou relationship, self-awareness, and self-transcendence
BASIC IDBehavioral Groups

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