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Description of TheoryTheorist or TheoryType of Theory
Four ways social institutions influence careers: They Socialize the individual, Determine interpersonal affiliations, Permit material and social lifestyles, and Provide direction bSituational Theories - factors out of the control of the individual that influence career choice
'Composite Theory' - job satisfaction is determined by the extent that a person's perceived needs are met.Personality Based Theories
Life Rainbow - self-concept is vital and establishes the career pattern throughout lifeDevelopmental Based Theories - Life Span
'Career adaptability' - Longitudinal: A maxi cycle life span with mini cycle stages. Latitudinal: Lief space role throughout life. Archway Model clarifies how biological, psychologDevelopmental Based Theories - Life Span
Six step directive counseling (Analysis, Synthesis, DIagnosis, Prognosis, Counseling, Follow-up - All Small Dogs Prefer Cat Food)Trait and Factor Theories
Three step formula - understand person's aptitudes, abilities, resources, and limitations - describe the conditions, requirements, and compensation of various occupations - match tTrait and Factor Theories
Studied upper middle class urban Anglo-Saxon white males ages 11 -23. Three developmental periods: The Fantasy Period (age 10 - 12); Tentative period; and the Realistic Period (17 Developmental Based Theories - Life Span
Description of TheoryTheorist or TheoryType of Theory
Deterministic - type of parenting influences career choice of child - innate tendencies and expression of needs, Gratify Needs.Personality Based Theories
Uses Bandura's social learning theory (what has been modeled in life). List four factors that influence career choice (GELS): Genetic: endowment and spcial abilities, EnvironmentalSocial Learning Theory
Non-directive counseling includes three concepts: affective and motivational behaviors upon career choice, self-understanding (primary goal), and the client-counselor relationship Personality Based Theories
Differentiation - unique individuality and integration - adjust to others, Ego Identity (central to his theory) - personal meanings, values, and relationships that are the foundatiDevelopmental Based Theories - Life Span
Research noted that a father's education and occupation were important in determining how much education one sought and influenced career possibilitiesSituational Theories - factors out of the control of the individual that influence career choice
RIASEC hexagram - congruence - differentiation - consistencyPersonality Based Theories
Stated, 'Occupational choice is a single event.'Trait and Factor Theories
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