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Description of TheoryTheoristType of Theory
Structural Family Therapy - boundaries (enmeshed/disengaged, joining/enactment) - alter dysfunctional trianglesFamily Therapy - IP - Homeostasis - Double Bind - Family Secrets
Strategic Family Therapy - alter family organization - metaphorical communication (renaming, reframing, and paradoxical injunctions)Family Therapy - IP - Homeostasis - Double Bind - Family Secrets
'...listening with a third ear.'Neo-Freudian
Sensorimotor, Preoperational, Concrete Operations, Formal OperationsIntellectual Development - Assimilation and Accomodation
Attending - responding - empathetic understanding - action skillsPerson (Client) Centered
3 ego states (parent, adult, child) - potential for choice - strokes - rackets - scriptsTransactional Analysis (TA)
Family constellation - birth order - superiority/inferiority - striving for powerNeo-Freudian
Systematic desensitization - counter conditioning - reciprocal inhibitionBehaviorist
Classical conditioning - counter conditioning - systematic desensitization - successive approximationsBehaviorist
Multi model - BASIC-ID (Behavior, Affect, Sensation, Imagery, Cognition - Interpersonal, Drugs)Eclectic - Draw the best from all theories
Unconditional positive regard - congruence - empathy, Organismic Valuing Process (OVP)Person (Client) Centered
Observe eye movement and languageNeuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Observational learning (in vivo) - modeling - behavioral rehearsal - cognitive mediation (visual)Social Learning (Vicarious Conditioning)
Researach:P helpful/harmful counseling - empathy, warmth, and genuineness, HRDPerson (Client) Centered
Stir The Pot - unconscious emotional infrastructures - teach family to be more flexible and spontaneousFamily Therapy - IP - Homeostasis - Double Bind - Family Secrets
Freedom and responsibilityExistential
3 personality types (compliant, detached, aggressive) - 3 self-concepts (actual, real, idealized)Neo-Freudian
Expectancy reinforcement (Rei9nforcement value) - internal/external locus of controlSocial Learning (Vicarious Conditioning)
(Human Validation Process Model) - Family Sculpting - member roles - blocked communication - unmet needsFamily Therapy - IP - Homeostasis - Double Bind - Family Secrets
Description of TheoryTheoristType of Theory
5 characteristics needs - 5 anxiety needs - the art of lovingNeo-Freudian
Solution Oriented Therapy - miracle, exception, and scaling questions - progressive narrativesFamily Therapy - IP - Homeostasis - Double Bind - Family Secrets
Operant conditioning - response shaping - token economy - schedules of reinforcementBehaviorist
Proprium (ego) three traits - cardinal (pervasive) - central (everyone possesses) - secondary (known to friends)Eclectic - Draw the best from all theories
Ego function (protaxic, parataxic, syntaxic)Neo-Freudian
Need hierarchy - self-actualization - innate capacities and talentsExistential
'Success identity' vs. 'failure identity' - focuses on behavior not feeling - interested in WHAT not WHYReality Therapy
Life Span DevelopmentNeo-Freudian
Eclectic - Draw the best from all theoriesEclectic
Symbol and myth - polarities (persona/shadow_ - collective unconsciousNeo-Freudian
Homeostatic Family Systems - complimentary roles and pathological personality patterns - explain personality styles and negotiateFamily Therapy - IP - Homeostasis - Double Bind - Family Secrets
Introjects - polar splits - unfinished business - hot seat - empty chair techniqueGestalt
Biofeedback - 'Stress is a part of life' - alarm, reaction, stage resistance, exhaustion, GASBehaviorist
System perspective of development - balancing life-s roles - framework of life cycles - self-differentiationEclectic - Draw the best from all theories
Free Association (unconscious) - analysis of resistance, transference, and dreams.Psychoanalysis
Multigenerational Family Therapy - (Family Systems) - genograms - sibling position - teach differentiationFamily Therapy - IP - Homeostasis - Double Bind - Family Secrets
Birth trauma - separation anxietyNeo-Freudian
Scale for depression / hopelessness - (distorted thinking and irrational beliefs)Cognitive Behavioral Modification
Cognitive restructuring - ABCDE Model (Activating event - Beliefs - Consequences - Dispute EMotions)REBT (RET)

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