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Rin and Len come across a wonderland where they never have to grow
A circus in the woods filled with deformities
A love triangle between Gumi Len and Rin
'Im the number one princess in the whole wide world!'~ Hatsune Miku
'Your a useless useless useless child'
'Please just let me roll for another day!'
A kitty love story between GUMI and Len
The Seven Deadly Sins song of Pride
GUMI is forced to choose between her 10 faces in order to love
A girl is in love with her 'Romeo' But she does not want a tragic end like Juliet
A girl learns that being famous is not all its told to be
A ninja girl falls in love with a boy, But Ninjas arent allowed to love!
Hatsune Miku realizes that she is just a robot, Nothing more...

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