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QUIZ: Can you name the facts about Jean Piaget?

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Where was Piaget from?http://webspace.ship.edu/cgboer/piaget.html
What was Piaget's profession before he became a psychologist?Class Lecture
Piaget's theory that children discover all knowledge through their own activity is described as a ___________.Berk: Childhood Development
Because Piaget's theory is in stages, it is known as what kind of development?Berk: Childhood Development
Piaget's theory characterizes children everywhere. This means his stages are ________.Berk: Childhood Development
Piaget's theory always occurs in a fixed order, meaning they are _________.Berk: Childhood Development
The study of knowing and how we know is called __________.Class Lecture
According to Piaget, specific psychological structures that organize ways of making sense of experience are called ___________.Berk: Childhood Development
Piaget was a kind, old man with a heart-warming smile. True or false?Class Lecture
Piaget's area of expertise was __________.Class Lecture

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