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HintAnswerFamous Song
American alt-rock band, debut album 1992Cut Your Hair
American rock band, debut album 1991Last Kiss
American singer-songwriter, debut album (as Leslie) 1983I Need Love
English art-rock band, debut album 1967Money
American alt-rock band, debut album 1988Where Is My Mind?
English trip hop band, debut album 1994Glory Box
English pop band, debut album 1984The King of Rock N Roll
English rock band, debut album 1973Bohemian Rhapsody
English alt-rock band, debut album 1993Creep
New Zealand singer-songwriter, debut album 2014Richard
American alt-rock band, debut album 1983Everybody Hurts
American alt-rock band, debut album 1981Bastards of Young
English rock band, debut album 1964(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
American folk/roots pop singer-songwriter, debut album 1998Comeback (Light Therapy)
English art-rock band, debut album 1972More Than This
American psychedelic power-pop artist, solo debut 1970Hello, It's Me
New Zealand singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist pop artist.Sway
Icelandic post-rock band, debut album 1997Staralfur
American female singer-songwriter, debut album 1971Jesus Was A Cross Maker
American folk-rock duo, debut album 1964The Sound of Silence
American singer-songwriter, debut album 1965Graceland
English rock band, debut album 1984How Soon Is Now?
New Zealand art-rock band, debut album 1975Six Months In A Leaky Boat
American rock solo artist, debut album 1973Born To Run
American jazz-rock band, debut album 1972Do It Again
HintAnswerFamous Song
American indie singer-songwriter, debut album 2000Casimir Pulaski Day
English jazz pop solo artist, debut solo album 1985Fields of Gold
English jangly alt-rock band, debut album 1989Fools Gold
New Zealand alt-rock band, debut album 1988She Speeds
American female country-pop singer, debut album 2006Shake It Off
English pop/post-rock band, debut album 1982Life's What You Make It
American new wave/funk band, debut album 1977Once In A Lifetime
American singer-songwriter, debut album 1968Fire and Rain
American new wave guitar band, debut album 1977Marquee Moon
English folk-rock duo, debut album 1974Shoot Out The Lights
New Zealand dub band, debut album 2001Little Things
Irish rock band, debut album 1980With Or Without You
American texas folk singer, debut album 1968Waiting Round To Die
American alt-rock band, debut album 1967Venus In Furs
American carnival singer-songwriter, debut album 1973Downtown Train
American songwriter, official debut album 1970Galveston
American alt-rock comedy band, debut album 1990Push Th Little Daisies
American rock singer, solo debut album 1993Dyslexic Heart
American blues rock duo, debut album 1999Seven Nation Army
American alt-country band, debut album 1995I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
American soul singer-songwriter, debut album 1971Lean On Me
American solo soul artist, debut album 1962Superstition
English new-wave/art-pop band, debut album 1978Making Plans For Nigel
English progressive rock band, debut album 1969Owner of a Lonely Heart
Canadian rock solo artist, solo debut album 1968Heart of Gold

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