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Can you name the random trivia from The Hunger Games Trilogy?

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What is the name of Prim's goat?
What is the first district that Katniss travels to as the Mockingjay?
What does Peeta make that Katniss's mom brings for President Snow?
What does Peeta paint that he shows Katniss?
What kills Prim?
What keeps Finnick busy?
What is painted on Finnick and Annie's wedding cake?
What does Peeta do when he sees Katniss again?
What is the avox's name who serves Peeta and Katniss during the 74th Hunger Games?
Who does Katniss meet in the woods?
What distracts Katniss before the 75th Hunger Games?
What does Katniss find when she goes back to her home, after the bombing?
Who usually wins The Hunger Games?
What is Katniss's favorite type of baked good?
What is the song that Katniss sings to Pollux?
Who does Katniss truly love, ever since the beginning?
Who whips Gale in the square?
Who is the only person that is associated with Katniss and the Capitol, but doesn't die?
What does Plutarch's watch reveal to Katniss?
What is the name of Beetee's fellow tribute?

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