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one who organizes business by putting capital at risk
the crime of lending money and charging interest
economic system used to strengthen industry with trade
economic system based on sacrificing wealth to produce more wealth
the period of 1550-1650, the golden age of Spanish history
the sacred worship of a physical object, reason for protestant rebellion
the powerful Spanish fleet which would invade England in 1588.
used to describe the storm which swept away the armada and led to the protestant feeling that God was on their side.
belief that the seigneur of the manor should have the right to regulate religion on his estate, causing many peasants to become Huguenots
concluded that there could be multiple religions, and that civil order is of the most importance
assembly of French estates
the result of Switzerland's division
the name given by Karl Marx to the working class
an organization of skilled workers
Portuguese ship used for exploration
the means of manufacturing prior to the commercial revolution, small scale and done at home
King's ordered a given weight of gold be 'worth' more which led to inflation
German serfdom
Trading company between the Dutch and Asia
German noble

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