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Can you name the PPV Opponents of John Cena?

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Vengeance 2002
Rebellion 2002
w/ Dawn Marie 
Royal Rumble 2003
1st Rumble 
Backlash 2003
Judgement Day 2003
w/ the FBI 
Vengeance 2003
No Mercy 2003
Survivor Series 2003
Royal Rumble 2004
No Way Out 2004
Triple Threat 
Wrestlemania 20
1st Mania, US Title 
Judgement Day 2004
Great American Bash 2004
4 Way 
Summerslam 2004
No Mercy 2004
Survivor Series 2004
w/Big Show, Eddie, RVD 
Armageddon 2004
Carlito's Bodyguard 
Royal Rumble 2005
No Way Out 2005
Wrestlemania 21
WWE Championship 
Judgement Day 2005
I Quit 
Vengeance 2005
Summerslam 2005
Unforgiven 2005
Taboo Tuesday 2005
Survivor Series 2005
New Years Revolution 2006
Elimination Chamber 
MITB Cashin 
Royal Rumble 2006
Wrestlemania 22
Backlash 2006
One Night Stand
MITB Cash in 
Vengeance 2006
Summerslam 2006
Unforgiven 2006
Survivor Series 2006
w/ RVD, Lashley, Sabu, Kane 
Armageddon 2006
New Years Revolution 2007
Royal Rumble 2007
Last Man Standing 
No Way Out 2007
w/Shawn Michaels 
Wrestlemania 23
Backlash 2007
Judgement Day 2007
One Night Stand 2007
Last Man Standing 
Night of Champions 2007
5 Way 
Great American Bash 2007
Summerslam 2007
Unforgiven 2007

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