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What is the first name of the orphaned main character?Doppelgänger
What is her Brother's name?
What is their Aunt's name?
Who was her first love?
Who was her second love?
Who's older brother is called?
Who is the older brother looking for at the beginning of the tv series?Doppelgänger
What is her real name?Learn about it from a book
What nationality is she?
What are the brothers?
What herb burns them?
What stone is in their rings?
What is Tyler Lockwood's Uncle?
What is his name?
Who is the sheriff?
Who's daughter is?
What is Tyler Lockwood's dad's job?
Who is the main character's best friend?
What is she?
Who is the hybrid?
What is his Sister's name?
Who is his Mother?
Who is his Dad?Vampire Vampire hunter
What is their family called?
What city did they build?
Who was the first character to be killed by the older brother in the tv series?History teacher
Who is the new history teacher/ vampire hunter?
Who is married to?

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