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warning issued when the conditions are right for a tornado to develope.
by international agreement, a tropical cyclone with maxium wind speeds between 38 and 74 miles per hour.
by international agreement, a tropical cyclone with maximum wind speeds that do not exceed 38 miles per hour.
a cold air mass that forms a high-latitude source region
a front formed when a cold front overtakes a warm front.
a zone of scattered clouds and calm averaging 20 kilometers in diameter at the center of a hurricane.
the overtaking of one front by another
snow showers associated with an air mass to which moisture and heat are added from below as the air mass traverses a large and relatively warm lake.
a front along which a warm air mass overrides a retreating mass of cooler air
a new generation of weather radar that can detect motion directly and hence greatly improve tornado and severe storm warnings.
a large body of air that is characterized by a sameness of temperature and humidity.
an air mass that orginates over the ocean.
warm air gliding up a retreating cold air mass.
the area where an air mass acquires its characteristics properties of temperature and moisture.
the conditions experienced in an area as an air mass passes over it.
a tropical cyclonic storm having winds in excess of 74 miles per hour.
an air mass that forms over lands
a bitterly cold air mass that forms over the frozen Artic Ocean
a storm produced by a cumulonibus cloud and always accompanied by lightning and thunder.
a warning issued when a tornado has actually been sighted in an area.
a small, very intense cyclonic system with exceeding high winds, most often produced along cold fronts in conjuction with severe thunderstorms.
the boundary between two adjoining air masses having contrasting characteristics.
ryhmes with ropical tear glass
a doughnut shaoed area of intese cumulonimbus development and very strong winds, that surrounds the eye of the hurricane.

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