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important psychologists for apPsychologist
Argued that humans pass through a series of psycho-sexual stages in the development of personality
This theorist first proposed his trait/dispositional theory of personality
Famous for his classical conditioning of dogs
Demonstrated that secure infants have good bonds with the mother
Developed rational emotive therapy
Argued that one factor underlines all intelligence. The g factor
Showed the importance of comfort and touch over nourishment in infants
Discovered general adaptation syndrome
Proposed eight stages of psycho social development
This theorist proprosed that personality and maladjustments were based upon meeting a hierachy of needs
This cognitive psychologists proposed that way we act depends on our sense of locus of control
Demonstrated the use of 'insight' in apes
Conducted the Bobo doll experiment to demonstrate learning by observation
important psychologists for apPsychologist
Psychologist who conducted the 'little Albert' study
French theorist who developed the IQ test for French children
Developed modern IQ tests and used factor analysis
Discovered the 'hidden observer' in hypnosis suggesting some conscience control
Critical of moral development theories for being too male oriented
Thought that negative thoughts were the cause of disorders and developed cognitive therapy
Conducted the first experiments in Psychology
Behaviorist who developed the idea of operant conditioning and created a special box. Argued that Psychology is really about external factors
A neo-Freudian, this psychologist's most famous contribution is the inferiority complex
Challenged Freud's Oedipus conflict and focused on neuroic needs
Developed the idea of a collective unconscious
Proposed three stages of moral development (pre, conventional, post)

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