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HintAnswerEpisode #
What retired player does Andre draft?Episode 1.01
The phrase, made popular by Chad Ochocinco, that Andre tries to use?Episode 1.02
What runningback, listed as 'Questionable,' does Pete ask Terry Bradshaw for an injury update?Episode 1.03
Who does Ruxin run into in the hot tub at the spa?Episode 1.04
What product does Taco buy in Chinatown?Episode 1.05
What does Kevin have trouble supressing in Shiva's apartment?Episode 1.06
What is Ruxin caught doing in his hotel room in Vegas? Episode 2.01
What is Rafi's strategy to become sober enough to drive?Episode 2.02
Who does Ruxin get to visit a young boy in the hospital, despite the boy's wish to meet Terrell Suggs?Episode 2.03
The cocaine toilet seat leads ______ to smash Andre's Kluneberg painting?Episode 2.04
HintAnswerEpisode #
What injury does Andre sustain prior to the marathon?Episode 2.05
What does Pete invent after his sandwich gets contaminated in the bathroom?Episode 2.06
During the seance for Potato the monkey, name one of the five bands Taco suggests as the horrible noise that Darcy the witch heard?Episode 2.07
Ruxin re-named his team the ___________ __________ ____________ in retaliation for removal of his post from the message boards.Episode 2.08
5 pounds of dough, meat and cheese that Pete claimed he had eaten?Episode 2.09
The point during the sexual experience when a man is about to orgasm?Episode 2.10
Taco's hobby was writing obituaries, who did he predict would live until 2071?Episode 2.11
The NFL kicker that missed a 37-yard field goal to eliminate Kevin from the Shiva Bowl?Episode 2.12
Andre's affliction that leads to his last place finish and the Sacko?Episode 2.13

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