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What was the the name of the dachschund living in Dunny-on-the-Wold?Edmund Blackadder
What did Baldrick think his first name might have been?Baldrick
What type of jelly did Blackadder offer to Prime Minister Pitt?Edmund Blackadder
What was one of the four names Blackadder suggested Prime Minister Pitt should put up as a candidate in the Dunny-on-the-Wold by-election?Edmund Blackadder
What 'extremist nonsense' party policy did Ivor Biggun (from the Standing-At-The-Back-Dressed-Stupidly-And-Looking-Stupid Party) put in for a joke?Vincent Hanna/Ivor Biggun
What was one of the definitions of 'genius' Blackadder suggested for Dr. Johnson's dictionary?Edmund Blackadder
What did Baldrick say when attempting to say 'a Case of Sour Grapes?'Baldrick
What was Blackadder's female pseudonym?Edmund Blackadder
'I may be as thick as a _______ _________, but even I know a book's got to have a plot'Prince George
'Baldrick, who gave you permission to turn into an ____________?Edmund Blackadder
What did Smedley say his role was going to be at Topper's father's funeral?Smedley
When was the last time Baldrick changed his trousers?Baldrick
What did Mrs. Miggins serve Le Comte de Frou Frou at her Coffee Shop?Mrs. Miggins/Le Comte de Frou Frou
What is the last thing that occurs (before death) when someone takes a suicide pill?Smedley/Topper
Name one of the items Blackadder said he left in Mr. Robespierre's bedroom in Versailles on his mission to rescue a French aristocrat.Edmund Blackadder
What was George's brilliant idea to save on laundry bills?Prince George
What did George call Blackadder, implying he isn't the brightest?Prince George
What role did Baldrick's uncle play in Macbeth?Baldrick
What job advertisement (placed by Napoleon Bonaparte) from the newspaper did Blackadder choose to pursue?Edmund Blackadder
Name one of the actors who penned the play 'The Murder of Prince Romero and His Enormous-Bosomed Wife.'None
Where did Baldrick put his cutout of the highwayman, the Shadow?Edmund Blackadder
'I am one of these people who are quite happy to wear _______, but have no idea how it works.'Edmund Blackadder
What did 'Harold the Horny Hunter' have?Prince George
What did the Duke of Cheapside call his daughter when she confesses to a number of her indiscretions?The Duke of Cheapside
What animal did the Shadow hate?The Shadow
Why did Baldrick fail his final interview to become Village Idiot of Kensington?Baldrick
'And I love _____ ___ _____, but I wouldn't seek their advice.'Edmund Blackadder
Prince George: 'After all, did not our Lord send a lowly ___________ to comfort Moses in his torment?'Prince George
What was one of three places that Blackadder and the Duke of Wellington suggest Prince George went to get their tea?Edmund Blackadder/The Duke of Wellington
What saved Blackadder's life?None

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