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What is 'Coq au Vin'?
What is a 9 letter word meaning 'eagerly desirous and aspiring'?
What is the capital of the Czech Republic?
How many days does it take for the Earth to revolve around the sun?
What was the name of the Soviet satellite launched on October 4, 1957?
What is the correct plural of octopus?
In what year was Diet Coke first introduced?
In which city will you find the Brandenburg Gate?
Which explorer led the first expedition that sailed around the world?
What is an algal bloom that occurs in salt water called?
The Persian and what other Gulf borders the United Arab Emirates?
In what year did World War II officially begin?
Sudan is bordered to the east by which sea?
What is the capital city of Wales?
In her later years, Georgia O'Keeffe loved painting the deserts and cliffs of what state?
Where were the first Olympic Games held?
The main Australian Stock Exchange is located in which city?
What is the leading male or female called in a pack of wolves?
Where is there a town called Monkey's Eyebrow?
What is the lowest point below sea level in the Western Hemisphere?

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US States by Movie Scene

by druhutch

Movies 7m
It's likely that most of these scenes were actually shot in Los Angeles, but this is where they're *supposed* to be.
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