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Can you name the four letter words in this themed word ladder?

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HintFour-Letter Word
●Like the lights at diners and nightclubs●
The opposite of midnight
Canadian waterfowl
Laugh out loud plus one O
Synonym for 'radical!'
Dirty black rocks for barbecues
A point in soccer
To assist in wrongdoing
●A bit better than silver●
'____ to the lady in yellow!'
Homonym for 'mould'
A state of emotion
Look up at night to see this
Car_____, Pla_____, Looney _____s
HintFour-Letter Word
Movie released in 2010, _____ Legacy
●A metal and a mineral all in one!●
An idiot, minus the M
●A fruit with a peel, minus Germanium●
Prefix for the berry commonly associated to thanksgiving
The colour blue on the spectrum
Attractive actor with last name meaning baby goose
Liquid precipitation, with the second and third letters reversed (snow --> sonw)
●1: Lithium 2: A for a vowel●
Ferocious beast with a mane
Alternate spelling for 'Lynn'
Rachel's boyfriend on Glee
Author of 'A Power Governments Cannot Suppress'
●Rhymes with 'stink' and is a nutrient found in oysters

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