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Can you name the Can you name the characters in Gears of war?

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Protects the fort at anvilCOG
The most religious gearCOG
Provided commands to delta squadCOG
Drunk manStranded
He was the leader of Kilo squadCOG
Killed by General Raam himselfCOG
Not scared of kryllCOG
Before the COG, he was number 83!COG
Young hot shotCOG
Died in MercyCOG
High priestLocust
The medicCOG
Old manStranded
The most feared locustLocust
Kryll love himLocust
Boomer LadyCOG
The main character in the trilogyCOG
A company manStranded
Gear officer in the COG armyCOG
Gave Dom a tattooCOG
The COG robot COG
He's just a friendStranded
Shot in the head by a sniperCOG
Is a wife to a cogStranded
The face of the COGCOG
Called Val by squad members COG
Faced skorge and lives COG
Hammer of dawn inventorCOG
Big broCOG
Looks humanLocust
'Sarge?... I... I hurt Sarge...'COG

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