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DescriptionBeastOther Data
Half Lion, Half Eagle
Lion-bodied riddler
Jeweled crocodile of the sun
Half- alligator Rain God
Reborn in fire and brimstone
Serpent that encircled the world
When one head was cut off, two grew back
Feathered Serpent God
Undead Pharoah
Gaze petrified
Gigantic monster of the depths
Bull monster of the Labyrinth
Father of all monsters
Devourer of hearts
Warrior of bronze
DescriptionBeastOther Data
Fire breather, world- famous
Big, Dumb and Cold-Hearted
Female monster, nocturnal child-eater
Half man, half goat
Mix of lion, goat and snake
Snake of the High Seas
Half man, half horse
Indestructible sabretooth, First Labour
Monstrous, devouring wolf
Triple- headed hellhound
Shellback, mortal enemy of Ra
Winged serpent, spewer of poison
Horned Horse
Big, dumb and disgusting

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