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Character DescriptionsCharacter
Main Character; Son of Jupiter/Zeus
Main Character; Son of Hephaestus
Main Character; Daughter of Aphrodite
Satyr; Coach
Daughter of Hephaestus
Giant King
First of Gaea's Giant Children to Rise
Daughter of Athena; Percy's Girlfriend
Missing Son of Poseidon
Daughter of Zeus; Jason's Older Sister
Owns Store in Sewer; Sorcereress
Everything He Touches Turns to Gold
King of the Wolves
New Oracle
King Midas' Son
Female Cyclops; Killed by Leo
Male Cyclops
Male Cyclops
Son of Apollo
Son of Hephaestus; Cabin Leader
Daughter of Demeter; Cabin Leader
Son of Hephaestus
Bronze Dragon
Character DescriptionsCharacter
Son of Hypnos
God of Winds
Goddess of Love and Beauty
God of the Sun, Prophecy, Music, and Healing
God of War
Goddess of the Hunt and Moon
Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy
God of the North Wind
Goddess of Agriculture
God of Wine
Personification of Earth
God of Dead/Ruler of the Underworld
Goddess of Magic
God of Fire, Crafts, and Blacksmiths
Goddess of Marriage
God of Travelers, Communication, and Thieves
God of Sleep
Goddess of Rainbows; Messenger of the Gods
God of Gates, Doors, Doorways, Beginnings, and Endings
Goddess of Snow; Daughter of Boreas
Goddess of Revenge
God of the South Wind
Personification of the Sky
Character DescriptionsCharacter
God of the Wild
Goddess of Plenty
God of the Sea
God of Sky; King of the Gods
Son of Iris
Daughter of Aphrodite
Daughter of Aphrodite
Son of Aphrodite
Piper's Father
Tristan McLean's Assistant
Son of Boreas
Son of Boreas
Helpful Wolf
Aura; Wind Spirit
Evil Storm Spirit
Camp Activities Director
Camp Security Guard
Name of Piper's Dagger
Son of Hermes
Son of Hermes
Dragon at Camp

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