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There's been a break-in tonight at a local hat museum. Night-watchmen found in a hypnotic trance.
It's close to Halloween as terror strikes Gotham tonight as the public experiences hallucinations.
People are running scared as the body count around Gotham's sewers rises.
Construction area overthrown by the overgrown, as more and more workers die by mysterious chemicals.
Glacier diamond stolen. The detectives say that the trail has gone cold.
What's black and blue and red all over? That's the question on GCPD's mind as well as who robbed the Gotham National Bank.
Mobsters gunned down in Gotham's hall of puppetry. Yeah, Gotham has everything.
As the holiday season arrives crime rates rise slightly, but nothing too serious.
The twin jewels were stolen from Gotham's Deuces Wild Casino, more at 11.
9 lives medallion vanishes from Gotham museum.
Gotham seems to be lighting up, but not in a good way as arson levels rise.
One of a kind falcon stolen from Gotham's aviary. Gotham's police cry fowl play.
Thousands in Gotham are smiling but no one is amused as Gotham's water is poisoned by an unknown toxin. Sources say the source of pollution originates of an old Gotham toy factory.
People are stunned to see the tally on deaths in gotham rises, as more people are found brutally murdered then posed in lifelike situations.

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