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Job's Tears (Chinese pearl barley) in Javanese; or, description of Santa?
Large landlocked country in western Africa
peanut in Tagalog; or, lots?
Hair on a lion's or horse's neck
Breeding partner or Australian friend
Peas in Saterland Frisian; or, consumed a meal?
Pay into a poker game
Formic insects
Painting, sculpture, and music, for example
Points a gun
Put on ____: act haughty
Millet in Swedish; or, an equine mammal?
____ d'oeuvres: appetizers
A tusk or, alternately, a trumpet
Barley in Swedish; or, maize?
A Zen statement or question
Ku Klux ____
Rickman, Thicke, Alda, or Ladd
____ Islands, group of Irish islands known for their sweaters
Wheat in Ligurian; or, a pet name for grandmother
Wheat in Romanian; or, to get larger?
Mrs., in German
Male counterpart of a soror.
Annoying child
Rhythmic unit or pattern
Common general type of legume
Is, was, had ____, will be
See, saw, had ____, will see
Swedish for Stephen
Heated chamber used for baking
Opposite of under
Barley in Estonian; or, a bad smell?
To Joy and To Billy Joe
Is indebted to
Nocturnal hooting birds
Olive, vegetable, and mineral
Norwegian for Neil
Ends of pens
Call ____: stake a claim
Touches paint to a surface
Aykroyd, Rather, Quayle, and Marino
One who pumps up with Franz
Job's Tears (Chinese pearl barley) in Tongan; or, the Biblical mother of Samuel?
Actress Turner or singer Del Rey
Melted rock emitted from a volcano
AKA the broad bean
Most-liked, for short
Transportation fee
Opposite of aft
Drill a hole, or cause ennui
Barley in Anglo-Saxon; or, a fermented drink flavored with hops?
Hang ten
Grassy ground
Advertising-speak for sturdy or strong
A species of lovegrass, accounting for 1/4 of all cereal production in Ethiopia
Actors Bridges, Goldblum, or Daniels
In a ____: quickly
Pattern of notes on a guitar
Simple floating platform
Long, angry speech
Take short breaths, like a dog
Actor's role
Jack ____, famous talk show host
Teri ____, famous comic actress
Wheat in Basque; or, actors Busey, Cooper, Cole, or Oldman?
Indian women's garment
The voice interface of the iPhone
Rice in Haitian Creole; or, a pet name?
Long dagger
Two salaries, lack of children
Ferret-like animal, often the source of fur coats
Lactic fluid
Maize in Occitan; or, a machine that grinds grain?
U ____, univ. in Ann Arbor
Mineral that cleaves cleanly into flakes
Disorder in which a person eats non-food items such as pencils
Disc used in hockey
Exclamation of disgust
Cassava in Carib; or, a shrub in the family Asparagaceae with sword-shaped leaves and white flowers?

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