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Can you name the musical based on a plot spoiler?

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J. Pierrepont Finch bumbles his way to Chairman of the Board.
The main character was kicked in the head by a horse as a child, and as a result has cognitive and emotional disabilities.
Guinevere becomes a nun.
Kim shoots herself so Chris will be forced to raise their son.
After grueling hours revealing their innermost secrets, a select few of the characters are rewarded with faceless identical roles.
To satisfy the giantess, all the characters break the fourth wall and offer her the narrator of the musical.
One character gets turned into metal, and another to dried grass.
Nancy is beaten to death by her boyfriend.
The plant kills everybody. No, everybody. Even you.
The main character murders his alter ego's love interest.
The shy, reluctant child performer becomes a burlesque star.
Melchior is sent off to reform school when his parents discover he got Wendla pregnant.
The unrepentant main characters continue their misdeeds in prison.
Gay AND European!
Thanks to the Publishers Clearinghouse sweepstakes, the nuns can bury the last four bodies currently occupying their freezer.
The crazy beggar woman was actually his wife. Too late, though, basically everybody's dead.
The hard-to-categorize song that almost doesn't get released is among the greatest hits of Frankie's career.
The evil king is torn to pieces by his collaborators once he's defeated by his rival.
Abuela Claudia dies shortly after revealing she holds the winning lottery ticket.
The main character disappears from under his cape, leaving only his mask behind.
Nellie is so disturbed by her love interest's children that she breaks off their engagement.
When Sarah tries to speak to the President, nervous Secret Service agents shoot and kill her.
The leading lady is of mixed-race heritage.
Billy dies at the start of the second act, and then hangs around as a ghost for a while.
The feud is a fake to ensure that the two men's children fall in love.

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