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Can you name the words missing a letter in this 4-letter word ladder?

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ClueWordMissing Letter
Notions, thoughts, or conceptsA
Luxury bathroom applianceB
Trainee, especially in the armed forcesC
Snake or mathematicianD
Type of down feather used especially in quiltsE
Narrower, as a penF
Slangily, someone who's doomedG
Honesty and integrityH
Someone who is not yet an adult in the eyes of the lawI
_____ League Baseball; the opposite of the previous rungJ
Who you meet upon your death?K
Men, or roosters, or peacocksL
Pastimes using e.g. cards, dice, or computersM
ClueWordMissing Letter
Long deep valleysN
Thick, unappetizing piles of liquid, such as bad cafeteria foodO
Turns into a paste, like the stuff used to make paperP
Witty rejoindersQ
Catches one's toe and fallsR
Comes to a haltS
Pouting expressions meaning distaste or disapprovalU
A person who carries your possessions between housesV
Shelter made with tree branches; arborW
Fought using gloved fistsX
Made a noise like hunting dogsY
Stared dreamilyZ

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