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Which song written by Leigh Harline and Ned Washington has become the representative song for the Walt Disney Company accompanying the opening Disney Logo in films since the 1980s?
In Home on the Range what is the name of the peg-legged rabbit?
In Toy Story 3 what was Lotso original owner called?
What is the name of Colonel Hathi's wife in the Jungle Book?
In Pinocchio what is Geppetto’s pet fish called?
What is the real name of Frozone in the Incredibles?
In Pocahontas what is the name of the ship that John Smith sails to the New World on?
At 42 minutes long what is Disney's shortest animated feature?
What Disney film was dedicated to lyricist Howard Ashman? He received a posthumous Oscar for Best Original Song for the film's title song.
What is the name of Bambi’s deer friend and mate?
In Wreck-It Ralph what game does Ralph break into to get a medal?
In Frozen what is the name of the giant snow monster Elsa creates to chase Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf away?
What was the 50th animated Disney feature film?
What medal does Squad F receive at the end of Valiant?
In the Princess and the Frog what does Ray call the morning star?

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