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Can you answer the questions where the answers are also capital cities in the Americas?

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Forced Order
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QuestionCapital CityCountry
Which city do the Earthquakes MLS soccer team come from?
What is a Butter Bean known as in the US?
What is the surname of the actress who played Dr Elizabeth Corday in ER and River Song in Doctor Who?
What was the former currency used in Ecuador before being replaced by the US Dollar in 2000?
Hypericum perforatum, a medicinal heb is commonly know as whose wort?
Now called Guanahani what did Christopher Columbus call the first land he visted in the New World?
Which European aristocratic dynasty House are the current King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg both descended from?
Whose cross is used as the national flag of England?
Which Little district of Miami hosts the Calle Ocho festival?
What is the name of the title character in Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea?
What is the name of the convent in where the tomb of Manuel Belgrano is located? He was as one of the main Libertadores of Argentina and created their national flag.

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