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QUIZ: Can you name the movie by one of its goofs as published by the Internet Movie Database?

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When Abigail and Riley notice two of Ian's thugs chasing them, Riley says, 'Time to run', but his lips do not move.
When the Scarecrow gets his brain he misquotes Pythagoras theorem by referring to an isosceles triangle; the theorem applies to right-angled triangles, not isosceles.
When Elizabeth is trying to save Jack Sparrow just before he puts the chain of the handcuffs around her neck, the medallion is alternately in/out of her dress between shots.
Just after the Battle of Falkirk when Wallace and the Bruce charge towards one another, the eye slots of the Bruce's helmet change shape.
During the footage of the Autobots and the Military heading toward the city, the camera vehicle can be glimpsed reflected in the front bumper of Optimus Prime.
In the Cairo diner, Belloq refers to a watch as 'worthless, $10 from a local vendor.' However $10 in 1936 had the spending power of $153 in 2008. That's not 'worthless.'
During the last shot of the Tiger after Capt. Miller takes his last shot and just before is hit by a bomb, modifications to the tank are visible.
The 'Golden Ticket' is placed on the back side (smooth side) of the chocolate bar before the wrapping, however, when opened, the Golden Ticket appears on the top side of the bar.
When the wave hits New York, it comes at it from the Statue of Liberty and Battery Park. When we see it approach the library, it should be coming up Fifth Avenue.
As Legolas, Aragon, and one of the hobbits enter the woods of Lothlorien, you can make out tire treads in the grass starting at the lower right hand side of the screen.
When Lt. Dan falls off the wheelchair, he gets up with the help of his (invisible) legs.
While killing time on the Orca, Brody is trying to learn to tie a bowline; he is reciting the method incorrectly.
Since every day takes place on the same day there should be the same amount of snow every night. However, there are some nights with a lot of snow and others with none.
When Lisa is playing her saxophone in the van after the family has been picked up by the EPA, an alto saxophone is heard. But Lisa plays the baritone sax.
Japanese pilots are shown putting on white rising sun headbands and drinking a cup of sake before the takeoff. This ritual didn't appear until almost three years later.
When Noah carries Allie up the stairs, his pants are off and then at the top they are back on his ankles.
In the scene on the bus where all the passengers begin singing 'Tiny Dancer', the scenery outside of the bus is significantly different between each camera cut.
Auto rolls the Axiom to the right by spinning to the right. After the Captain switches to manual, he levels the ship by also spinning the wheel to the right, not the left.
When Morty is reaching for the remote, it is peeking out over the edge of the shelf, but when he grabs it, it is clearly in the middle of the shelf, nowhere near the edge.

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