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Can you name the locations of the Easter eggs by answering all the questions correctly?

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1.)The red variety of this Easter candy is only available in Target stores.
2.)According to a survey, 76% of people bite off which portion of a chocolate bunny's body off first?
3.)Easter, in America is the second biggest candy-eating celebration. What is the first?
4.)Unscramble: UNRESTYBEAN

5.)Atari coined this term to mean a hidden message.

6.)In the Catholic Church, the three days leading up to Easter Sunday are known collectively as what?
7.)The date of Easter is always the first Sunday after what astronomical phenomenon?
8.)What is a female rabbit called?

9.)According to the song 'Here Comes Peter Cottontail', who does he have colored eggs for?
10.)Unscramble: SELLBYJANE

Type in the code letters from each answer in the second column in order.
1.)Is there an egg?

2.)Is there an egg?

3.)Is there an egg?

4.)Is there an egg?

5.)Is there an egg?

6.)Is there an egg?

7.)Is there an egg?

8.)Is there an egg?

9.)Is there an egg?

10.)Is there an egg?

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