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Forced Order
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QuoteWho said it?
'This is the one ring forged by the lord Sauron...'
'Their pace has quickened...'
'I don't know half of you half as well as I should like...'
'It's my birthday and me wants it...'
'What's this? A ranger caught off his gaurd?'
'It must be taken deep into the heart of mordor...'
'The ring cannot stay here...'
'Speak friend and enter...'
'Don't follow the lights...'
'There is no life in the void, only death...'
'It's nothing, just a whisp of cloud...'
'The red sun rises, blood has been spilt this night...'
'For you I give the light of elendil, our most beloved star...'
'Let this be the hour when we draw swords together...'
'Ride out with me, ride out and meet them...'
'Rip them all down...'
'Let them come...'
'The same blood flows in my viens...'
'Gondor needs no King...'
'It's mine, my own, my precious...'
'What buisness do you have in the Riddermark?'
'Not idly do the leaves of Lorien fall...'
'A Lament for gandalf...'
'The way is shut, it was made by those who are dead, and the dead keep it...'
'Please...don't turn me into anything unnatural...'
QuoteWho said it?
'Longbottom leaf, the greatest pipeweed in the south farthing...'
'...for Frodo...'
'I cannot do this alone...'
'You are banished forthwith from the Kingdom of Rohan... under pain of death'
'They have business with the Orcs. My business is with Isengard tonight... '
'This, my friend, is a pint...'
'What about elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper? He knows about them, doesn't he?'
'There are no travelers in this land... only servants of the Dark Lord.'
'The city has fallen silent. There is no warmth left in the sun.'
'We shall burn, like the heathen kings of old...'
'let us be rid of it!'
'Your people will follow you to whatever end'
'And who is this? Isildur's heir? It takes more to make a King that a broken Elvish blade... '
'No parent should have to bury their child...'
'I am no man...'
'Give up the Halfling, She-Elf!'
'Tell me again, lad... where are we going?'
'Against the power of Mordor there can be no victory.'
'Find the Halflings!'
'Eight there are here, yet nine there were, set out from Rivendell. Tell me, where is Gandalf?'
'We are proud to fight alongside men, once more.'
'It began with the forging of the Great Rings...'
'I'm glad your here with the end of all things'

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