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Can you name the Happy B-DAY Special Pillow!?

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Clues/Hints/Bitter BondsAnswers/Manifestos
Subject of many a candid photograph in Europe
President poster-child of the critically acclaimed 'Florida Fund'
Cuddly beast who greets loved ones with hand nibbling
In Sporclistic society, the ruling class
In Sporclistic society, the unskilled & uneducated class
The largest documented specimen of male genitalia (never fully named)
Beverage well-known for its ability to deplete Goo’s dining dollars
Goo’s preferred lovely ( nerdy)
Nerman’s evil counterpart, but still lovely
Beverage predominantly consumed by jet lagged, delirious Goo’s in Holland
Clues/Hints/Bitter BondsAnswers/Manifestos
Ceremonial event commonly consisting of deliverance of the cuddlences and a fasting of sleep
Memorable quote from Saw
Movies we’ve given up on
Moniker ASSigned to ya derriere
Best. Vehicle. Ever.
Clorox containers are also prime for hiding these
Day 1 you put into effect an embargo on these 2 words
Given Sporcle’s odd phrasing of the game clue, how would one spell avocado?
Favorite Country

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