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Can you name the facts about Ulic Qel-Droma?

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Forced Order
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Birth name
Apprentice to
Trained on
Brother to
Fellow apprentice
The three apprentices were sent to
To end the
Decides to infiltrate the
Led by
Who are the heirs to the
Refused to leave despite the urging of
Began his fall to the dark side with the death of
Completed his fall when he murdered
After he murdered this person, Ulic was attacked by
Their battle was ended by the arrival of
Ulic was then proclaimed to be
Ulic won the allegiance of the mandalorians by defeating
Ulic was captured during his assault on
Due to the treachery of
He was rescued by
Ulic then helped destroy
On Ossus Ulic killed
This caused his force abilities to by stripped by
He then helped the Jedi defeat
Ulic was eventually killed by

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