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This actor became so immersed in his 'dark' role that he locked himself in his room for a month prior to filming & slept two hours per night.The Dark Knight
To better understand his character, this actor actually got a taxi license and worked 12-hour shifts for three months prior to filming.Taxi Driver
This actor spent months learning to play guitar and sing. He insisted that cast/crew call him 'J.R.', Johnny Cash's real name. Walk the Line
This actress shed 25 pounds and insisted upon cutting off her own hair in order to comprehend the pain of a mother willing to do anything to keep her child alive.Les Miserables
To get into her dark role, this actress pierced her lip, brow, nose, nipples, and ears. Prior to the role, she did not even have her ears pierced.The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
To capture the feeling of loss, this actor sold his car, his apartment and most of his possessions. He then withdrew from most human contact & cut back food to starvation levels.The Pianist
One month prior to shooting, this actress cut her hair short, bound her breasts & even stuffed a sock in her underwear to live as man in preparation for her role.Boys Don't Cry
This actor learned to put a record on a turntable with his toes. He remained in a wheelchair between takes and insisted he be spoon-fed all of his meals.My Left Foot
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This actor claimed that he actually couldn't see during filming, much like the blind character he was playing.Scent of a Woman
For his role, this actor lived with Hunter S. Thompson for four months. The two enjoyed building propane bombs and shooting the largest guns available.Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
This actor lost 63 pounds, a record for a movie role. He wanted to lose 10 more, but the studio wouldn't allow him due to concerns for his health. The Machinist
This actor gained 30 pounds and built a studio so he could learn to master the artist's famous painting technique.Pollock
This actor stayed in character 24 hours a day during filming, much to the irritation of his co-stars & then-girlfriend. He put Limburger cheese in his pockets to smell horrible.Man on the Moon
To prepare for a scene in which his character has been awake for three days, this actor actually stayed awake for three days.Marathon Man
To gain 67 pounds for his role as John Lennon's assassin, this actor drank melted Häagen-Dazs, olive oil and soy sauce. Chapter 27
This actor, credited with pioneering method acting, spent one month confined to a bed in Van Nuys Army Hospital to prepare for his role as a paraplegic veteran.The Men

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