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⌂ Safe place for runners to be ⌂
Largemouth fish
⌂ Louisville Sluggers ⌂
⌂ Ballcaps ⌂
⌂ Tony Gwynn had 3,141 ⌂
Diamondback sound
⌂ Swing and get a strike ⌂
⌂ Catchers have one with extra padding ⌂
A tiny insect
Dole out
⌂ Future Hall of Famer _____ Rose??? ⌂
Dogs, cats, hamsters
⌂ Subway Series team ⌂
Doors have WELCOME _____
⌂ The Say Hey Kid !!!!!! ⌂
⌂ They got rid of the Devil ⌂
⌂ Canada's lone team ⌂
Songs you rock out to
⌂ Hall of Famers Palmer and Rice ⌂
The very tops of your Budweiser bottles
Does away with
⌂ The Big Red Machine ⌂
Confederate soldiers
⌂ A nervous pitcher often ____ his brow ⌂
⌂ Andre Dawson and Ernie Banks ⌂
⌂ Gaylord Perry cheated with this ⌂
⌂ Hall of Famer _______ Marquard ⌂
Used to beat on drums
⌂ The Sultan of Swat !!!! ⌂
⌂ '_______ the mound'. Fight !!! ⌂
A trick
⌂ All-Time Hit King ⌂
⌂ 1899 Cleveland team did THIS the best ⌂
Famous Ranger?
⌂ Strip of dirt between bases ⌂
A ________ excuse for a player
⌂ Cooperstown Hall of ⌂
To get really mad
Coach who gets mad easily has a short _______
A daughter of Zeus
Animal scent
⌂ The catcher and ump wear this ⌂
The Padres preside over ______ ?
'A rolling stone gathers no ______'
⌂ Hall of Famer Addie _______ ⌂
⌂ Hall of Famer _______ Gibson ⌂
Comedy Central's ________.0
⌂ To lightly throw a baseball ⌂
⌂ Hall of Famers Seaver and Glavine ⌂
Popular players have ______ of fans.
A chocolaty treat 'Bon ______'
Parts of hot dogs
⌂ To square up and dink a ball ⌂
Actor Reynolds
⌂ Maligned Cubs Fan - Steve ______man ⌂
No hair
Really dark font
⌂ Hall of Famer Whitey _______ ⌂
⌂ Type of pitch. _______ball ⌂
⌂ Inside Sammy Sosa's broken bat ⌂
He makes the hot dogs
Types include RULE and SCORE
Count 3-0 so the batter _____ the next pitch
A changeup is a useful ______ for a pitcher
Curveballs took a _____ on his arm
⌂ Hall of Famer Randy Johnson 6'10'' ⌂
⌂ Derek Jeter's likely destination ⌂
⌂ The mound ⌂
'Line drive scared the _____ out of me!'
⌂ Hall of Famer George ______ ⌂
Randy Johnson did THIS to a bird
⌂ Greenie (banned) ⌂
Player stack (a.k.a. Dog______)
Paper sorter
A consequence of cheating
A jerk. Often paired with 'rat'
⌂ Hall of Famer Carlton _____ ⌂
⌂ 'You're out!' hand shape ⌂
⌂ Rickey Henderson and Lou Brock ⌂
Bottom of the Division
To avoid the risk of
⌂ Cy Young's Wins ⌂
To defeat
⌂ A pitch that hits the batter ⌂
⌂ Hall of Famer Dizzy ______ ⌂
Ty Cobb's demeanor
Old alcoholic beverage made with honey
'Go ahead run' takes the ______
A small drop of liquid
What a curveball tries to do
Clothing worn around the wrist
A mitt protects this
⌂ Hall of Famer ______ Aaron ⌂
Where A-Rod puts his checks
⌂ Illegal motion from a pitcher ⌂
⌂ It has 108 double stitches ⌂

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