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The Bible includes some Strange Names. Can you tell whether the listed names are that of a Male or a Female?

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Biblical PersonType (M) for Male or (F) for FemaleReference
MelchizedekPs. 110:4
Rimmon2 Sam. 4:2
AmmishaddaiNum. 1:12; 2:25
Tanhumeth2 Kings 25:23
Achish1 Sam. 21:10-15
SapphiraActs 5:1-11
Zeruiah1 Chr. 2:16
EuodiaPhil. 4:2
Samgar-neboJer. 39:3
BashemathGenesis 36:3-4, 13
Abieezer1 Chr. 7:18
Meshullemeth2 Kings 21:19
Elnathan2 Kings 24:8
Shemaiah1 Kings 12:22-24
CozbiNumbers 25
Biblical PersonType (M) for Male or (F) for FemaleReference
Athaliah2 Kings 8:18
HammedathaEsther 3:1, 10; 8:5
Peninnah1 Samuel 1:2-7
Hammoleketh1 Chr. 7:17, 18
Esarhaddon2 Kings 19:37; Isa. 37:38
Nehushta2 Kings 24:8
Taphath1 Kings 4:11
MnasonActs 21:16
LeummimGen. 25:3
HoglahNum. 26:33; 27:1; 36:11
DiblaimHos. 1:3
Hazzelelponi1 Chronicles 4:3
Jokim1 Chr. 4:22
Abi-albon2 Sam. 23:31
ZipporahEx. 2:21

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