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Aliens are landing on Earth. Before running off in sheer PANIC, can you tell which Country they are in based on descriptions of what they see upon landing?

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Alien DescriptionCountryLandmark(s)
Stone polyhedrons guarded by large, prostrated stone beast. Sand.
Long, stone barrier spanning both horizons. Appears to extend indefinitely. Mostly abandoned. Mountains.
Large, white circular structure. Upright and rotating along center axis. River. Other tall structure appears to measure time.
Mountain carvings depicting humanoid facial features. Count = 4. Not moving and does not appear to be a threat.
Countless humanoids encircling a large black and gold cube in counter-clockwise direction.
Humanoids in white with small bands of red. Fleeing larger creatures with horns through city streets. Dangerous area.
Tall, cylindrical building, not fully upright. About to topple. Use caution in area.
Giant drawings in sand. Depicting creatures with wings and tails. Some lines criss-cross. No H2O detected.
Bright white, stone structure. Perfect symmetry detected. Surrounded by four white pillars.
Excavated channel connecting two liquid oceans of H2O. Busily traversed by large floating vehicles.
Tall, white sculpture of unknown humanoid. Limbs outstretched. Mountain top. Oversees populated humanoid city.

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