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Can you name the creature for each letter that meets the specifications?

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AIt's a freshwater fish. [4]
BIt's a breed of terrier dog. [4]
CIt's an arthropod. [11]
DIts name repeats the same syllable twice. [2]
EIt is native to Australia. [3]
FIts name starts with 'frog'. [4]
GIt has one syllable in its name. [11]
HIt's aquatic or semi-aquatic, but it's not a fish. [3]
IIt's a reptile or bird. [3]
JIt lives in a desert environment. [4]
KIt's the largest of a certain group of animals. [5]
LIt's a feline. [3]
MIt's a type of snake. [4]
NIt can be found on land. [8]
OIt has an 'X' or 'Y' in its name. [5]
PIt is commonly kept as a pet or livestock. [6]
QIt's a marsupial. [2]
RIt pulls Santa's sleigh. [1]
SIt's a large fish. [8]
TIt's arboreal (lives in trees). [12]
UIt shares a name with US president Grant. [1]
VIt likes to eat carrion. [1]
WIt's just another brick in the wall (as in it starts with 'wal').[4]
YIt's a crustacean. [2]
ZIt's a type of cattle. [1]

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