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Can you name the creature for each letter that meets the specifications?

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AIt's a reptile. [7]
BIt can fly, but it isn't a bird. [5]
CIt's a marine invertebrate. [11]
DIt's domesticated by humans. [5]
EIt has horns, antlers, or tusks. [3]
FIt has 'fish' in its name, but it's not a fish. [3]
GIt can be found in Africa. [7]
HYou are one. [1]
IIt's an ungulate (hoofed mammal). [2]
JIt is found in North America. [7]
KIt lives only in Australia. [3]
LIt sucks blood to eat. [3]
MIt is manly (as in it begins with 'man'). [9]
NIt has a shell. [1]
OIts second letter is C. [2]
PIt's a monotreme. [1]
QIt's extinct. [3]
RIts second letter is not a vowel. [3]
SIt's venomous. [11]
TIt is found in South America. [18]
UIt lives in trees. [2]
VIt's a rodent. [2]
WIt has tusks, but not horns. [3]
XIt has a transparent body. [1]
YIt ends in 'K'. [2]
ZIt has stripes. [2]

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