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1Fight Club/ Brad Pitt
2Star Wars/ James Earl Jones
3The Dark Knight/ Heath Ledger
4Star Wars/ Harrison Ford
5Silence of the Lambs/ Sir Anthony Hopkins
6Raiders of the Lost Ark/ Harrison Ford
7The Big Lebowski/ Jeff Bridges
8Pirates of the Carribean/ Johnny Depp
9Alien/ Sigourney Weaver
10The Godfather/ Marlon Brando
11Goldfinger/ Sean Connery
12Die Hard/ Bruce Willis
13Lord of the Rings/ Andy Serkis
14The Terminator/ Arnold Schwarzenegger
15Ferris Bueller's Day Off/ Matthew Broderick
16The Matrix/ Keanu Reeves
17Die Hrd/ Alan Rickman
18Taxi Driver/ Robert De Niro
19Pulp Fiction/ Samuel L. Jackson
20Forrest Gump/ Tom Hanks
21The Godfather/ Al Pacino
22The Shawshank Redemption/ Morgan Freeman
23Dirty Harry/ Clint Eastwood
24Evil Dead/ Bruce Campbell
25Star Wars/ Frank Oz
26Anchorman/ Will Ferrell
27Scarface/ Al Pacino
28Lord of the Rings/ Sir Ian McKellen
29There Will Be Blood/ Daniel Day-Lewis
30Saw/ Tobin Bell
31Lord of the Rings/ Viggo Mortensen
32The Bourne Identity/ Matt Damon
33Hard Boiled/ Chow Yun-Fat
34Rocky/ Sylvester Stallone
35Gladiator/ Russell Crowe
36The Philosopher's Stone/ Daniel Radcliffe
37Edward Scissorhands/ Johnny Depp
38Donnie Darko/ Jake Gyllenhaal
39Back to the Future/ Michael J. Fox
40American Psycho/ Christian Bale
41Mary Poppins/ Julie Andrews
42A Clockwork Orange/ Malcolm McDowell
43The Good, The Bad and The Ugly/ Clint Eastwood
44Ghostbusters/ Bill Murray
45Amelie/ Audrey Tautou
46No Country For Old Men/ Javier Bardem
47Blade/ Wesley Snipes
48Iron Man/ Robert Downey Jr.
49The Big Lebowski/ John Goodman
50Jaws/ Robert Shaw
51Serenity/ Nathan Fillion
52It's a Wonderful Life/ Jame Stewart
53Cool Hand Luke/ Paul Newman
54Star Wars/ Mark Hamill
55The Naked Gun/ Leslie Nielsen
56Juno/ Ellen Page
57Anchorman/ Steve Carell
58Casablanca/ Humphrey Bogart
59Goodfellas/ Joe Pesci
60Ace Ventura: Pet Detective/ Jim Carrey
61One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest/ Jack Nicholson
62Leon/ Natalie Portman
63Wall-E/ Ben Burtt
64Withnail & I/ Richard E. Grant
65Dodgeball/ Ben Stiller
66Kill Bill/ Uma Thurman
67Blue Velvet/ Dennis Hopper
68Napoleon Dynamite/ Jon Heder
69The Usual Suspects/ Kevin Spacey
70To Kill a Mockingbird/ Gregory Peck
71Escape From New York/ Kurt Russell
72V for Vendetta/ Hugo Weaving
73The Shining/ Jack Nicholson
74E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial/ Debra Winger
75Fargo/ Frances McDormand
76Back to the Future/ Christopher Lloyd
77Shaun of the Dead/ Nick Frost
78Beverley Hills Cop/ Eddie Murphy
79Star Wars/ Jeremy Bulloch
80Psycho/ Anthony Perkins
81X-Men/ Hugh Jackman
82Sin City/ Mickey Rourke
83Reservoir Dogs/ Michael Madsen
84The Matrix/ Hugo Weaving
85True Romance/ Christopher Walken
86Blade Runner/ Rutger Hauer
87Dracula/ Sir Christopher Lee
88Who Framed Roger Rabbit/ Kathleen Turner
89Star Wars/ Carrie Fisher
90The Wizard of Oz/ Margaret Hamilton
91Gone With the Wind/ Vivien Leigh
92Clerks/ Jeff Anderson
93Grosse Point Blank/ John Cusack
94Toy Story/ Tim Allen
95A Nightmare on Elm Street/ Robert Englund
96The Searchers/ John Wayne
97Silence of the Lambs/ Jodie Foster
98Citizen Kane/ Orson Welles
992001: A Space Odyssey/ Douglas Rain
100Lethal Weapon/ Mel Gibson

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