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little and smoked like a chimney
gave head to a frozen hot dog
went crazy and blamed BJ
kept porn magazines in backseat of car
charlie browns teacher
Dated tonys sister
throught people in london spoke french
put frozen pretzels in warmer to sell
Served frozen hot dog to health inspector
rang up chilli fries and chicken sandwhich at snack bar
Johnny's dad's nickname
Got fired because of broken slushie machine
Eats chinese/ljs before every session
andys ex sounds like mini mouse
girl Nate stole off andy named after jungle
infamous canuck player 76 goals
ordered 3 nacho grades with no lettuce
off $800 every time on register (not pug)
has fantasies about soft pretzels
Camo Belt in Death Karate

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Created Apr 26, 2010ReportNominate
Tags:name, person

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